Monday, March 4, 2019


When I set out on a mission to watercolor and create art more often, I had one goal.  At least once a week create something.  Sometimes something that I really like and sometimes things that don't spark joy.  But that is part of the fun, to be consistently creating. 

So on Saturday I went to a coffee shop with the premise that I would paint something, while sipping on some tea.  I spent a few hours there and wound up with 6 paintings.  I never have a specific thing that I paint.  I just scroll though the nature, design, landscape hashtag on Instagram and pick an image that appeals to me and go from there. 

The first three painting were of leaves.  An Oak, Maple and Redbud.  I paint exactly as the image looks.  I try to add my own spin on things.  I know that it will never look 100% but that's ok, because I like a little imperfection. 

Of these three my favorite is the Oak leaf.  There is just something about the shape that appeals to me. 

I will for sure try and draw other leaf shapes.  Maybe I should get into drawing just trees of different types.  Perhaps an experiment in painting California natives. 

Once I had drawn the leaves, I moved to a whale planter,  potted Sage and Poppy in the middle of a path.  The plant in the whale pot image was one stem, but I decided to make it more my own by adding other stems.  Creating a unique to me piece of art.  The potted Sage in the original image was in a bathroom.  Nope, that did not fancy me so I took the pot and tried to make it look like it was nestled among some rocks.  This allowed me to get creative.  Just the way I like it.  The last painting was of a Poppy that had sprouted in a decomposed granite path.  The path led to some wooden steps that let down to somewhere.  In my mind the path led to a secret area of the garden that was hidden.  A private area that you can go to at night with your loved one, with a glass of wine. 

Admittedly, my next challenge should be drawing people and animals.  Two things that I cannot do draw well.  I am sure that if I practice I will be better but for now I will play too scared to try card. Hah!

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