Monday, November 5, 2018


I love showing you my art and the things I create.  But sometimes I also create things that I don't really care for.  It's much like a science lab where some experiments turn out great and others do not.  That is what makes this journey so much fun.  In this case I have three watercolors that I wanted to share with you that I would consider less then stellar. 

The first, was suppose to be some empty vases on a wooden surface.  I was experimenting with mixing some colors and clearly that did not go so well. 

The second, is a branch with some hanging ornaments.  The ornaments were meant to be a bit more decorative, but I messed up and painted over them to hide the mistakes.  Just not my best work, but at least I put paint to paper and did something. 

The third, is suppose to be an ocean with mountains in the background and some landscape to the far right.  The blob of green was suppose to be a plant.  Oddly enough I realized soon into painting thins that I was not going to like it, but I wanted to finish it anyways. 

This is what I love about making art and I can even apply this theory to life.  That somethings may not turn out as expected.  But in the end it's an adventure and an opportunity to learn and grow. 

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