Wednesday, November 7, 2018


The holidays are approaching and sometimes the hardest part is finding the right gift for the right person.  I got 5 landscape related gift ideas that anyone is sure to love.  These gifts are a mixture of useful and decorative.  

The first, is called the AeroGarden.  A hydroponics garden that is great for indoor spaces, that allows you to grow herbs, vegetables etc.  I recently bought one of these and am loving it.  They are available at Macy's, Bed Bath and Beyond, Sur La Table and various other stores or online.  Here is a video about the AeroGarden.

The second, is a product that you may have seen on shark tank.  The Earth Log is a great alternative to burning fire wood.  It is made of recycled paper and unlike traditional fire wood, it does not emit any smoke and even has a nice floral scent.  This is a video I made of the product.  

The third, is another product that I saw on shark tank a few years ago that I believe would be a great addition to any home.  That is a mushroom grow kit from Back To Roots.  This is something that I totally want to try. This video explains how to grow and harvest.

The fourth, is the greenbo railing planter.  I have four of these in my garden and love them.  They are especially great for small spaces.  These are perfect for growing herbs, greens or any plant that does not need a lot of room to grow.  This video shows you an option on what you can grow in them.  I water mine bi weekly.

The fifth, is an art print that it great for the plant lover.  I found this print on Etsy and bought one for myself and love it.  I really do want all the plants.  hahaha 

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