Wednesday, November 21, 2018


I remember when the only way to look at ideas for a garden or to even look up any information about anything was to go to the library and check out books.  Now however, you can just Google it.  This makes sharing information much easier and more accessible.  So now let's assume that you are looking to get ideas on your garden.  Where do you go digitally to get ideas?  Well, I have that answer.  Below are 5 websites that I would highly recommend to get ideas about landscapes. 

The first, is clearly well known.  Hah That being Google.  Google is my best friend. The one being that tells me everything and holds a wealth of information.

The second, is my favorite second to Google.  That being YouTube.  Why you may ask?  Because you can see videos of landscapes being installed and get various other content about sustainable landscapes much like watching HGTV.  You can click here to see my YouTube channel.  

The third, is Houzz.  This is a great place to get and gather photos not only about landscapes but also interiors.  Most everything that is posed is done so by professionals.  

The fourth is Pinterest.  This site operates similar to Houzz, except it is not just for the building industry but for any industry and lifestyle.  

The fifth is Instagram.  What I love about this site is that it is very visual.  This means that you can see what people who are posting about their landscape design projects are doing in real life.  A great way to get ideas.  You can see my Instagram pictures here.  

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