Monday, May 7, 2018


When used to live in Tustin (for 12 years) in an 819 square feet condo, I had no plants indoors or out.  I thought that although I was good at designing landscapes and creating beautiful gardens I was not lucky to do that in my own world.  But the reality is that my old place was not energetically clean and I was too lazy to really try hard enough to keep anything alive.  I also have two cats and was worried about them eating the plants and getting ill. 

Fast forward to two years ago in March of 2016 when I moved to my new 424 square foot condo in Santa Ana.  That is when things changed.  I decided to try at growing plants both indoors and out.  There is something to having fresh plants that just makes things a little bit rosier.  I realized that I never had a brown thumb and that just because I lived in a small space did not mean that I could not garden.  I began slowly by adding a few plants here and there.  Overtime I figured out the plants that worked best in my space and how to actually keep them alive.  As for my cats?  Occasionally, they chew on a few plants, but never enough to have issues. 

The truth is that when you have indoor plants and can watch them grow, it gives you a different feeling.  A sense of joy at keeping something alive.  You may think that you have a brown thumb, but what if you don't.  What if with a little bit of regular care and maintenance, you just might be able to keep plants alive?  At the moment I have 26 living plants and they are all very healthy.  I may get more but at least I am not afraid of trying and experimenting.  Gardening is much like a science lab (the same could be said about cooking) in that you experiment and see what works and does not.  You eventually figure out a formula that may not work for everyone else, but does so for you. 

Now I am curious to know if any of you have indoor plants and how many do you have.  Comment below and let me know.  I would also be interested in making a video about your indoor garden collection. 

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