Thursday, May 10, 2018


It's Thursday and I have yet to buy my mom anything for mothers day.  I can't say that I have not had time, because that would not be entirely true.  I can say though that I am probably not alone.  If you much like me have yet to honor thy mother, then I have 3 gift ideas for you to consider.  These 3 ideas are available to buy offline and really cute for mom. 

The first is a small planter from Anthropologie.  Called the Waterloo Pot, it is nice and small with legs and has a certain funkiness to it.  Pared with a small succulent and you have a cool gift for mom. 

The second is called Half Dipped Stoneware by West Elm.  These are cool because they come in different shapes and sizes.  Some are big enough to plant in wile others are just perfect for a single rose.  They are also currently on sale. 

The third is a planted mason jar.  You can go to any arts and crafts store and buy a small mason jar and literally plant inside of it.  Add a little string around it to hang and it instantly adds a certain something to a blank wall.  In this picture I added a Photos plant and hung it in my kitchen window. 

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