Friday, January 12, 2018


I love the idea of saying that I don't work for my garden, my garden works for me. This means that I have things in place in my garden that makes it work to suit my needs and lifestyle.  That is what gardening should be about.  Below are some things that I have done to make my garden work for me (side note: garden tour forthcoming)...

The first thing I have done is grow herbs.  I use Parsley and Cilantro a lot in cooking along with other herbs so I thought hey why not grow then and save money in the process.  I have have some edible California native plants that I can eat off of. 

The second thing I have done is create a space that is unique to me and my lifestyle.  It is not the kind of garden that everyone and their cousin has but it is mine.  Custom create for me, based on my likes, dislikes and needs. 

Now what can you do to make your garden work for you?  Well in this video I share 5 things you can do to make your garden work for you. 

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