Friday, December 29, 2017


My garden is a 100 square feet pad of concrete that is right outside my front door.  On the one hand this still allows me to garden using containers but on the other hand, I have to leave a large area open to be able to get to the front door.  This means that I need to be clever in how I garden.

Now if you live in a small space and are wondering how you can garden with little land then this video is perfect for you.  I share 5 ways you can garden with little space.

#1:  Pottery!  You can have pottery to grow California natives, herbs, and various other California friendly plants.  Most nurseries will sell a wide range of pots.  The specific one that you get will depend on your color preference, budget and the overall style/look that you are going for.

#2:  Vertical gardening!  If you can garden up then I highly suggest you try.

#3:  Railing planters!  If you have a fence or railing then consider the Greenbo railing planters.  I have 3 small and 1 large and love it.

#4:  Window boxes!  Although you may be limited in what you can plant since window boxes are not that big, at least you will have some room.  Window boxes are also great for herbs.

#5:  Hanging baskets!  Some nurseries will sell hanging baskets that are pre made with succulents or just craft your own.

This video explains more in detail.  Now if you have a small garden then comment below and share your ideas.

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