Friday, July 28, 2017


The type of designs that I do for any client is often dictated by the site and what it needs.  Sure the clients each have their own wishes on what they would like to have and that is always taken into account but in most cases their are things that will work for the site and things that just won't.  In the case of this project in the quail neighborhood or Irvine, most of what was changed was mostly planting.  The existing hardscape was in great condition and was worth keeping.  Most of the existing plants?  Not so much.  We replaced the shrubs and groundcovers, added an energy efficient irrigation and lighting system and a flagstone path to get from the side yard to the back.

The plants we used on this project are:

  • Calylophus hartweggii - Sundrops
  • Ceanothus concha - Ceanothus
  • Cercis occidentalis
  • Hesperaloe parviflora 'Red' - Red Yucca
  • Salvia chamaefryoides - Electric Blue Sage
  • Salvia clevelandii - Cleveland Sage

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