Tuesday, March 14, 2017


I have a project in the city of Yorba Linda that is going to take two months to install.  It is big and I will share a video of the installation when it's all done.  But for now I thought I would share with you something that me and the contractor discovered as he was checking the irrigation controller.   Egg sacks that are either from a black or brown widow spider.  I google searched the eggs and it could be both.  Perhaps it is both.  Either way we had to tell the client that his controller was not usable as it had clearly been infested.  
Each of these eggs contain several hundred eggs.  On the one hand this is really creepy yet on the other hand it's part of nature.  You are bound to see things when you live in a house with a big garden. Sadly in this case the homeowner will have to replace the controller as it no longer works.  

Now I am curious to know what critters you have encountered in your garden?  Comment bellow and let me know.  I myself have seen black widow spiders in my worm bin.  I have also seen black fly larvae and the common snail.  

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