Friday, February 24, 2017


When I meet with any potential client I like to talk not just about their garden and what we can do, but also my design process.  How I go about designing someone's yard and the drawing I produce.  This process is also very detailed in any contract that I write so that there is not confusion.  Clear cut and to the point is how I like it, which makes things more efficient.  I also say that what is written in the contract is what you are going to get.  I don't beat around the bush and do exactly what I say I am going to, hence why having a contract is important.  This video explains that and more.

I also have a landscape design checklist kit that I have created for anyone in the state of California that is looking for resource guide on how to hire the right designer.

Update October 8, 2017 - this is an updated video of what I design and my design process.  I decided to update the video and make one cumulative video to add to my website. 

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