Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Last week I showed you part 1 of the mission viejo project being installed and now this week I wanted to show you the drawings that I did for that project.  As with most projects I always like to do two design options to give the clients a sense of what will work in their space.  These concepts are based on what they desire, my vision and what they can realistically afford.

Once me and the clients have agreed on a concept then I we typically go to a nursery and a building materials site to look at all the proposed materials.  I like showing client's the plants I suggest so that they can see first hand.  This is especially important if the plant has a scent.

Then I create detailed drawings that any referred contractor can bid from.  I like to refer contractors because I only refer someone that I have worked with who is also licensed, bonded, insured etc.  I also make sure that my drawings conform to HOA rules and guidelines if necessary.

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