Friday, December 23, 2016


I was hired by a really nice couple in unincorporated area of Santa Ana otherwise known as North Tustin to design their back yard.  It's a big yard and they were stumped on what they could do with the space within their budget.  Their needs were specific.  Various spaces to sit and entertain, an area for their kids to run around and play, drought tolerant native plants and most importantly a functional garden.

That is where I came in creating a beautiful garden that met all of their needs and then some.  As you can see in the picture there is a large grass area that accommodates the large play set they bought for their kids, There are large patio areas.  One off of the master bedroom and one off of the living.dining room.  There is also a pocket decomposed granite area to the top right for those nights when the kids are asleep and you want to be hidden with your glass of wine.

The plants are a mixture of California native plants and some non native plants that the homeowner's really wanted to use.  There is also a raised garden area for edible gardening.  To the far top left is a shed that is going to remain in place until one day (budget permitting) it will be turned into a spare guest room area.

This video shows you the project as it is being installed.  I will do an updated video 2 month or so after installation.

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