Friday, December 2, 2016


In any landscape (if you have the room) it is nice to add plants that are tall to not only add interest, but to also add some shade.  The trick is to add just a few in your garden to do what you want them to do.  For example you could plant a deciduous tree by a window that typically gets a lot of light.  This will block the light during the summer but not during the winter.  You could also add tall trees in an area of the yard where you might want to sit.  Whether you want to sit under a tree of have shade to a patio area a tall tree is perfect.

The ones in this video are:

  • Cercis occidentalis - Western Redbud
  • Platanus racemosa - California Sycamore
  • Quercus agrifolia - Coast Live Oak

This continues a series of 10 videos about California native plants.  Each video will feature a situation that is commonly dealt with in residential landscapes.
  1. Food
  2. Habitat
  3. Color
  4. Scent
  5. Shade
  6. Groundcover
  7. Low growing
  8. Medium growing
  9. Tall growing/trees
  10. Slopes
  11. Bonus:  top 10 California native plants + giveaway 
The 11th video will be followed by a giveaway in which there will be 3 level of prizes and 3 winners. There are many ways to enter to win the prizes.  

First place prize:  One Tree Of Life Nursery designer in residence appointment with any designer of your choice.  A 10% coupon towards any plant purchase at Tree Of Life.  A packet of wildflower plant seeds.  

Second place prize: A $15 Tree Of Life Nursery gift certificate.  A packet of wildflower seeds.  A plant arrangement.

Third place prize: A plant arrangement and a packet of wildflower seeds.  

How to enter:  Comment on this or any of the other videos and or blog posts as they are posted weekly (on any of these 11 categories).  Subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Like creations landscape designs on Facebook or follow @creationslandscapedesigns on Instagram.  The more you enter the more entries you get.  At the end of the 11th video winners will be announced.  

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