Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Clearly it is obvious that I love killing lawns.  I don't mind designing with them as long they are actively going to get used but even then there are far more sustainable options than traditional grass. So in this project the homeowners no longer needed the grass and were tired of having a high water bill.  They also had stairs leading to their front door that was cracked concrete with a brick banding.

The homeowners wanted three main things in their front yard.  A better functional walkway that in part is also permeable, a California native plant palette and an eye catching design that would set then apart from everyone else.  We decided to use flagstone in a neutral color that also coordinates with the existing ledger stone that they had thus allowing for the plants to add the pops of color.

In their back yard they wanted (for budget reasons) to keep the existing concrete pad but somehow expand the entertaining area.  They also wanted a California native palette with minimal maintenance.  I say minimal because there is no such thing as no maintenance.  Regardless of the materials you use you will always have some maintenance.  Even if that may be a few times per year.  The only thing left to do is go shopping for pottery and a few accessories.

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