Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I was asked in April to design a front yard for a couple that had torn down what was their one story house and were building their two story dream.  The trick to meeting all their needs was doing so on a shoe string budget.

So the plan was to create a seating area along with some raised and not raised planters.  There is also going to be an area of grass.  The paths and driveway are concrete to save on cost and the majority of the plants will be California native.

They had decided to paint their house a gray color which coordinates nicely with the natural gray concrete.  The ledger stone which has mixed gray tones also coordinates well with the other materials. In this design the color pops will be the plants.  From different leaf color to different flower colors this garden will be something pretty to drive by and look at.

When you are faced with a shoe string budget and are not sure where to begin then this creates a perfect scenario in which it would be wise to consult and hire a professional.  The time it would take for you to do research to determine what will work for you space is time that you could be spending with your loved ones.  In the end the cost of doing the landscape yourself is more than hiring a professional.


Unknown said...

We have a shoe string budget to use for our landscaping. It isn't all bad though, many options are fairly cheap now. In my mind, any budget is a good budget.
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