Friday, June 20, 2014


My client in Newport Beach recently bought 12 living wall planters for her patio.  The design intent was to garden up since there was not much land to garden in.  This was also going to add color pops to her patio.  In her case we decided to go with the white planters and allow for the plants to add the pop. We used a combination of edible and California friendly plants in different leaf colors and textures. She could have watered by hand but the contractor installed a drip system for ease.  Eventually she will have the drip tubing painted to match the architecture color.

Other elements that we added to the landscape are a fountain with two Japanese Maple trees on either side, California native plants in the ground (Iris, Blue Eyed Grass, Red Autumn Sage).  We also added two edible garden beds for growing more goodness.

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Unknown said...

This looks great! I would like to do something like this for my backyard. I have a patio, but it is completely plain right now. This design is so simple, but still adds a lot of interest.
Gary Puntman |