Monday, February 24, 2014


Previously I did a blog post about a garden that I designed in an unincorporated area of Santa Ana (you can see the post here).  This was a fun project as it involved doing something I like and that is to kill lawns.  We killed every square inch (their kids had fled the nest and they no longer had use for it) and replaced it with CA native plants. We also added a large seating area and two pilaster to frame the entry.

One interesting fact is that there is no sidewalk on this street so we created a 4' decomposed granite path to mimic a side walk.  We were even able to reuse pieces of an old tree that is being used as a side table.  With any design you have to take into consideration not only how much the client can realistically afford but also what is existing that may be re-purposed.  I will give you further updates in a few months.

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Anonymous said...

I love this! I hate lawns in arid areas, they are so wasteful of water and high maintenance. I live in the East myself, by I only have a small stretch of lawn, because the paved court is a perfectly decent place for children to play instead of wasting valuable gardening space!