Friday, January 24, 2014


It is safe to say that my vision to blog weekly went haywire for sure.  I am not going to make any excuses for this other than to say that I got lazy.  Well sort of.  To be truthful I needed a break and had to think about the direction I wanted to continue to take this blog in.  The plan for this year to have (do) more video blog posts and more DIY posts.   I would also like to cover topics that you would like to see.  Any ideas?  All are welcome.  Now on with the real post hee hee

I was asked by a homeowner and her husband in Lake Forest to design their front yard.  They had done their parkway using CA native plants and wanted to continue that theme throughout the rest of their yard.  I was up for the challenge and excited that they wanted to go native.  They were also going to take advantage of the turf rebate program.

As I do for most of my clients I created two concept drawings that would give them ideas and options for their yard.  These options are based on their budget, needs and my vision for the space.  In the first option there is more hard surface by the front door to allow for table and chairs with a path leading from the front door to the street.  I always advocate to having some sort of path to the street so that guests don't have to squeeze past cars that may be parked in the driveway.

In the second option the path to the street also becomes an extension of the driveway.  There is also a 2 feet path that looks as if it end nowhere.  It will eventually end at a freestanding bench.  The plant palette for both are a combination of Manzanita's, Blue Eyed Grass, Iris's and various other natives.  In this case the design is not all that complicated.  There are much more elements that I could propose but budget does not allow.

Now that you have seen both concepts and gotten the basic gist I would like to know which you fancy?  Just curious.  In a later post I will share which they liked and show pictures of the final product.

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