Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I had previously blogged about my friend Dori who had gone "lawn less" in her front yard and now I would like to introduce you to Cheryl another friend who also decided to ditch her lawn and replace it with drought tolerant plants that are much more pleasing to the eye then what she had existing.

In the case of Cheryl's garden, she used a combination of California native and California friendly plants with decomposed granite pathways.  She kept some existing materials like a her front porch and concrete path which was not broken (so why fix it).  She has also added various benches and garden ornaments to her garden.  Her garden is still a work in progress as some things may change as her tastes change but overall it suits both her and her husbands needs and gives her neighbors something very pretty to look at.

If this is where you may tell me that you want lawn then I would respond by asking:  Are you really going to use it?  Do you have kids or animals that will use it?  If not, then save yourself the cost of having to mow, fertilize and water it by getting a garden designed and installed.

If you have an area of lawn that you would like transformed into a eye catching / sustainable landscape then feel free to contact me and we can get rolling.  I will even offer you a complimentary one hour consultation (OC and Long Beach residents only).

If you have transformed your lawn space into a living garden then feel free to email me photos with a description of what you have done and I will happily share it on this blog.

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