Wednesday, May 30, 2012


The Cleveland Sage and Coyote Mint in my garden were covered with aphids and little white mealy bugs.  I wanted them gone but did not want to use any chemicals.  So I thought of the next best solution that is lady bugs.  Yep those red and black cute little critters love eating the exact type of bugs that I have and they are not that expensive.  I bought a box of roughly around 2000 at Armstrong Gardens for around $9 + tax.  I knew that they may not remain in my garden long term but at least they would be a short term solution to the issue. 

Some facts about incorporating them into your garden:
  • Don't expect them to nest in your home.  If they want to fly away and leave they will but hopefully not before devouring your garden pests.
  • Release them when it's cold and dark.  If you release them during the day most likely they will fly away quicker.  Releasing them in the dark ensure that they will stick around longer.  If the time of night you release them is too hot then they may also fly away.
  • Release them by the infected plant and the magic will happen.
  • Be watchful because a few might get on the ground so watch your step.  In my case because my garden is by the front door a few got inside and my cats were in hunting heaven.  
  • Once the food source is dry and gone then they will most likely leave. 
I was also told that I could use soapy water to get rid of the bugs, which I am sure will work but I was attempting for an all natural solution first.  If the problem persists then I may have to resort to the soapy idea but for now I am glad that the lady bugs are here and eating all those pesky bugs.  

My result:
  • The number of lady bugs that I saw remaining in the garden the next morning was about half.  
  • Roughly give or take around 90% of the unwanted bugs on my plants were gone in the morning.
  • The speckles of red (aka the lady bugs) in my garden was pretty to look at.
  • A handful were still in my garden a day later and the unwanted bug count then was down to 98%.

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Sprinkler Juice said...

I've always heard that lady bugs are helpful in the garden but it really helps to read it from someone that studied it first-hand. Thanks for sharing. I'll be sure to treat my ladybugs extra special from here on out. :)

- Phil Goold