Monday, April 9, 2012


I love Dudleya's and when I saw some the other day at Lowe's I just had to have them (I also bought two Aloe's). I had also found some glass containers and decided to embark on a little experiment. This is not just a plant experiment but also a feline experiment.

Question: Can Dudleya's (a California native) & Aloe's be grown indoors and survive? Can they also survive the wrath of two felines?

Answer: I have no clue and intend to find out.

After I brought the plants indoors and placed them in their spot my oldest cat Mylo began to sniff them almost as if he could sense them from a mile away. This will surely be an interesting adventure.

I have a total of 5 Dudleya's and 2 Aloe's. The above containers are from Micheal's while the one to the left is from the Guinness brew house in Dublin (highly recommend going there if you have never been). The other containers are from a local thrift shop by my house. I will post an update on their status in a few moths. Let's hope they thrive!