Friday, January 20, 2012


I am not a dog person (I have two cats) but when I was asked by my Huntington Beach client to design her front yard and yet make it friendly for her 3 dogs I was in. This was a challenge I was looking forward to solving. If you notice in the before picture there is lots of lawn and more lawn. Most of it will go far far away. In addition some of the existing features such as the gate and brick pilasters etc. (see photo) will remain in place. The existing concrete paths will also remain but will get a new coat of life through paint/stain. All of the existing plant material will be removed to make way for new sustainable CA native plants. There will be a little bit of grass area brought back in for the dogs to be able to play. The rickety overhead structure will be redone while new pottery and a fountain will add interest to the space. There will also be a new location for the existing decorative mailbox and the parkway will be filled with groundcovers that need little water and maintenance. This garden will be the talk of the town and the turf rebate program will be in full swing as my client gets ready to reap the financial rewards of having less lawn.

Now if you would like to reap some financial rewards from your landscape then contact me and I would be happy to help you increase your property value and get money back. Simply email me and we can get rolling on getting more green in your wallet. I am also making a special limited time offer just for you!

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