Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I love designing landscapes that are tailored at killing the lawn. I will agree that there are some instances involving kids or dogs where a small amount of lawn may be needed but otherwise it is useless (you are more than welcome to disagree). I was asked by a homeowner in Foothill Ranch, CA to create a design that would kill his lawn and replace it with native plants.

Currently the front and back yard have lawn and dirt. In the first concept (right picture) the plan is to refinish the existing concrete in both the front and back yard while adding some additional brick paving in the back to create a bigger outdoor entertaining space. In the second concept (left picture) the plan is to gut the entire project and start the paving from scratch with a completely new layout. The planting choices are a bit of ornamental CA native grasses as well as some fragrant natives to attract the local wildlife yet deter the rabbits (rabbits and gofers will stay away from fragrant plants). This client will also reap the rewards like my other clients by getting free money for killing their lawn.

If you are interested in killing your lawn and getting free money then do not hesitate to contact me and I would be happy to help you. It's that simple. I will update you next week on the final design. Stay tuned!

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