Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Recently I went back to a clients Costa Mesa back yard to take follow up pictures. The project had been installed over 7 months ago and I was curious to see how the landscape had turned out. Overall I was pleased and found myself intrigued by the outdoor wall art that was put up. The wall color which I actually like was existing and is softened not only by the plants but the cute art decor. This is a great way to add interest to a wall.

Fellow landscape designer Rebecca Sweet found goodies belonging to her family that she put up as art in her back yard. Telling a tale of her past (right picture). Inspired by her photo I decided to sift through my parent's garage in hopes that I might find somethings worth hanging on my outdoor wall. Alas all I found were some empty suitcases, old shoes and used electronics. Oh well but I do wonder what you have hiding in a box that might work well as outdoor wall art? Do share!
owner of Harmony in The Garden has an office shed in her home in which she decorated one wall with found things that she got from her parent's old garage. Tools n things that are vintage and un


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry all you found were old shoes and suitcases. I'm not sure those would look so great hanging on a wall :( Maybe your relatives' garage? And don't forget about garage sales - those can be gold mines!!

Rob Moore said...

Love this idea, Rama. Thanks for sharing!

creations landscape designs said...

Rob: Thanks
Rebecca: If only my family liked to garden hee hee But garage sales is where I plan to explore.