Wednesday, November 24, 2010


At this stage in the book writing I can officially conclude that I am 90% done and have sent info to two publishers (wish me luck). I am at the stage of checking all my photographs for quality and realizing that I still need more photos that are higher resolution for some of the plants. Thankfully I all the pictures I am currently using I have the legal right to do so.

On the subject of photos I thought I would share som
e that I am using in the book. So we are going to play a game. One in which the first person to guess the genus of all 3 pictures right will win the soil stick.

Some plant clues...
  1. Book title is 60 California native plants to experiment with in your garden.
  2. These plants are easy to use, readily available and forgiving.
  3. First picture is a tall growing shrub, the second is a medium growing shrub, while the third is a low growing shrub.
In order to win or guess you must comment directly on this blog post! Happy Thanksgiving and good luck.


Arvind said...

1. Arctostaphylos sp
2. Romneya coulteri
3. Sisyrinchium bellum

creations landscape designs said...

You are right and by the way the Manzanita is Bird Hill. I sent you an email.