Tuesday, October 19, 2010


This week my condo complex was fumigated. Luckily the process went smoothly without any major hitches. As I was bagging all the things I had to bag I got to thinking about my plants and almost began to worry that they might not survive. Me and my neighbors pooled together and put all out plants in one spot by the pool because if they were in the tented area then they would have died. This got me to thinking about what I would have had to do if I actually had land to garden in. Below are some tips to ensure that your landscape does not die during any fumigation.

  • Remove all antennae or satellite dishes.
  • Detach all fences that abut the structure. Fences with gates do not have to be detached.
  • Trim back all trees, plants, shrubs and any ground covering foliage to at least 12 inches from the side of the structure.
  • Rake back all decorative rock and decorative bark (wood chips) from the side of the structure at least 12 inches.
  • Thoroughly water all the soil around the perimeter of the foundation and around any plants adjacent to the structure.
  • If you have container plants in your balcony or front porch then simply remove them to an area that is not going to be tented.
  • If you have open bags of soil then simply air-rate the soil by shaking up the bag and mixing it with a new bag.

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