Sunday, October 10, 2010


I like looking at designs where you can clearly tell that the landscape designer put some serious thought into it as oppose to haphazardly picking a bunch of plants and just planting them. A great design technique is to have a tall growing plant that can get up to 6-8' high followed by a lower growing plant that can get up 3-5' and some smaller growing plants suitable for perennial beds and border in front. This will create nice interest.

These California native plants listed below don't get more than 4' at full maturity and are great to plant in your garden.
  • Agave deserti
  • Agave shawii
  • Arctostaphylos 'Sunset'
  • Ceanothus rigidus 'Snowball'
  • Cneoridium dumosum
  • Coreopsis giganteum
  • Dudleya spp.
  • Encelia farinosa
  • Eriogonum fasciculatum
  • Eriogonum giganteum
  • Ferocactus viridescens
  • Galvezia speciosa 'Firecracker'
  • Iris douglasiana
  • Limonum californicum
  • Mimulus species & hybrids
  • Nolina parryi
  • Penstemon spectabilis (above picture)
  • Penstemon heterophyllus
  • Perityle incana
  • Romneya 'White Cloud'
  • Salvia clevelandii
  • Salvia greggii (right picture)
  • Trichostema lanatum
  • Yucca schidigera
  • Yucca whipplei

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