Friday, February 5, 2010


60-70% of water is used for irrigation, and considering we are in a drought it becomes more imperative to do what ever we can to save money. Having said that I saw these two companies at the landscape industry show that just might have the right product for your rainwater harvesting needs.

The first is a company called Bushman Rainwater Harvesting (above image). They are manufactured in Temecula which makes them local American made. These systems can connect right to your gutter. The nice part is that you can use the water you collect to irrigate your landscape with thus reducing your water bill.

The other company called Eco Rain offers a different product aimed at collecting rainwater (see left image). All of their products are made using recycled materials. As with any product I may blog about bear in mind that I have not used it. If it is a product that I have used then I will state as such and offer my general opinion and thoughts. Otherwise take any product for what it's worth and use at your own risk.

Addition to this post: A day or so after I had publishedd this post I received an email from a company called Rainwater H2OG that also offers a rainwater harvesting system. The info is taken from their website... "Rainwater HOGs decentralize rainwater storage — their slim profile means water can be stored at each downspout and used locally. A single large cistern requires reticulated pipework linking all the downspouts to the tank and then back to the irrigated areas, often involving expensive installation and maintenance, not to mention garden replanting. The modular screw together fittings combined with the robust ¼ inch (6mm) wall thickness of the HOG tank mean you can use the modules over and over, redeploying them to suit your changing needs."

If you have used any of these products then please post your comments for the benefit of others.


Anonymous said...

In the today's world when water shortage is becoming the common issue among many cities Water harvesting seems to be nice idea.But are these water harvesting systems are affordable enough to fits in everyone's needs.
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creations landscape designs said...

David I agree that some people may not be able to afford such systems. But at least the info is there for them in the event that they can.