Thursday, February 4, 2010


Apparently you can dig it! With this product that is. This connects to your standard drill and is used to literally dig in the dirt etc. The soil that was used in the demonstration was very soft and easy to work with so I am not too certain if this will work well in clay soils but it never hurts to try. The patent is still pending on this product but this is certainly not your grandmothers mixer.

A few blurbs from the official site.
  • Digs perfect, precise holes
  • Use for lines, curves and pattern plantings
  • Works up to 1 gallon plant size
  • Does not puncture, pull or tangle drip lines
  • Fits any drill
So if you have something small to plant than this might just be the right fit for you.

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Shirley Bovshow "EdenMaker" said...

HI Rama,
It was great to meet you at the CLCA show! Thanks for emailing me. You do beautiful work and I love your watercolors.

Please keep in touch with me and let me know about any pet projects you may want to share with the audience!
Shirley Bovshow