Monday, January 18, 2010


Butterflies and more butterflies. Just what I would love to see an abundance off and since I don't have land to garden in I thus turn to my clients garden instead to attract these beautiful creatures. I just love the variations in color from one butterfly to the next. Note: some species of butterflies will prefer specific plants so if you are interested in knowing which species prefer what California native plant then you may comment on this post with your email address and I will happily email you that information.

Below are some plants that are recommended for planting to attract butterflies...

  • Achillea millefolium - Yarrow
  • Eriogonum species - Buckwheat
  • Eriophyllum confertiflorum - Golden Yarrow (right picture with yellow flower)
  • Isocoma menziesii - Coast Goldenbush
  • Mimulus aurantiacus - Monkey Flower
  • Monardella species - Coyote Mint
  • Salvia species - Sage
  • Solidago californica - Goldenrod
  • Verbena lilacina - Lilac Verbena
  • Amorpha fruticosa - False Indigo Bush
  • Baccharis pilularis - Coyote Bush
  • Ceanothus species - California Lilac (right picture with blue flower)
  • Cleome isomeris - Bladderpod
  • Rhamnus californica - Coffeeberry
  • Ribes species - Currant
  • Platanus racemosa - Western Sycamore
  • Prunus ilicifolia - Hollyleaf Cherry
  • Quercus species - Oak (right picture)
  • Salix species - Willow
Note: Where it states species, indicates that there are a variety of species of that plant that would work.

As always it is very beneficial to do your homework on each plant to understand the specific needs of each plant.

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