Monday, November 17, 2008


Snow days are the fun day's where you can bundle up and go outdoors. A snow ball fight is a brewing and I intent to get you. Unless you are busy being a snow angel. What fun is it to be out in the snow? Making a snowman with your kids and just having fun as if this season is more enjoyable than the last or the next. Some people believe that the first snowfall of the season is the most precious. Something about the silent flakes making their way down from the sky that makes you wonder and ponder about the earth that we live in. The trees that are bare. The foot prints that are left behind as we explore the snow. Hop, jump and a skip away. There we are exploring this earth that we may be slowly (perhaps unconsciously) destroying and yet trying so hard to save. Slipping and sliding into the future that is ours to shape. If not for us to enjoy it but for our kids to love it. How quickly we forget that it should not be their responsibility to save what we have destroyed but our responsibility to not destroy it in the first place. So that we may all enjoy. Saving this earth is easier said than done, but trying is a cinch. I dare you! Try it. Save it. Cherish it and it will reward you with bountiful goodies for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

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