Friday, July 16, 2021


 I recently did a refresh of my garden, adding way too many plants.  Hah! That's how a garden should be right?  A mixture of colors, textures and things that are loved by the garden care taker.  Things will no doubt evolve as I plan to add more.  Since I cannot literally live in a jungle then I will create my own unique version.  

This is a link to the art that inspired the color palette of the space:  click here

This a link to the plantable pocket that I have attached to my AC cover:  click here

The plants I used in this garden are...

  • Strawberries and chives
  • Various varieties of Tomatoes
  • Aromas Cleveland Sage
  • Woolly Blue Curls
  • Baja Bush Snapdragon
  • Howard McMinn Manzanita
  • Various species of Dudleya
  • Skylark Ceanothus
  • Julia Phelps Ceanothus

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