Friday, May 21, 2021


What I love most about designing gardens, is designing spaces that are not cookie cutter.  Spaces that are unique to the person who is going to live in and enjoy that space.  In this case I was hired by a lovely husband and wife who had a 2 year old son and wanted many things to happen in their space.

Firstly, an area to entertain.  A large curved paver area to enjoy the outdoors and lounge around.  Secondly, they wanted a large grass area for their son to run around and play in.  Lastly, they wanted drought tolerant plants that had some sort of pretty flower colors and ones that needed minimal maintenance.  

All that combined with an energy efficient irrigation and lighting system brought to life this neat project.  Personally, I believe in having a space that is unique to your needs.  One that does what you need it to do, is pretty to look at and is functional.  

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