Friday, January 1, 2021


Thank god the new year is here and from my lips to gods ears, this year will be better than the previous.  I had a list of things to accomplish in 2020 that the pandemic flushed down the toilet.  That being said I thought it would be cool in 2021 to do a no spend challenge.  This is something that I had heard of but had never tried.  

It's a challenge in which, for a month, two months or in my case a whole year you don't spend money that is not necessary.  You don't buy the things that you don't really need, just to buy something.  This forces you to be more mindful and aware of what you are actually purchasing.  Thus preventing you from the wasteful buys.  Below are some questions I have answered about how I am partaking in this challenge.  

How long?  1 year

Why I am doing this challenge:  why not?  I am a minimalist that enjoys intentional living.  Live simply so others can simply live.  

How am I going to track my spending?  I have a list of monthly expenses (HOA dues, utilities, cat food, diabetic pills etc.) that I have written down, so I know exactly what is an absolute must to spend.  I have left some allowances for things that are going to happen that only occur once or so a year (ie. dentist, vet visits etc.).   But going to the mall and buying things that I know I can live without is not happening.  

Do I think that I will be 100% successful?  No!  I am human and I am bound to make a mistake.  But I am also kind to my self and not going to beat myself up if shit happens.  

I will make a video update every two months to document my process.   


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