Monday, August 12, 2019


As  you know, most Monday's I have been blogging about watercolor and my art.  But that is not what this platform is really all about.  Earth friendly landscapes was always meant to be an extension of my landscape design business.  A platform to help inspire you to garden sustainably and/or to at least get all the info necessary to hire the right designer/contractor.

That being said I have decided to create a new blog and YouTube channel all about my art.  This way the to content can be separated and not conflict with each other.  So now what does that mean for this blog?  Well This means that I will still be posting regularly on this blog as often as I have been.  That will not change.

On the new platform I will be posting weekly and also creating regular content.  I am excited as this is another venture that I am diving into. You can check out my art website/blog here.  Keep in mind that it is currently being updated.

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