Wednesday, July 24, 2019


Sometimes when I order sample boxes from a company I find myself getting disappointed. I either get a box that does not have enough choices or is not well curated.  The reality is that if you care about your company and promoting your product, then you should take a bit of extra time to curate samples of your product that wow the potential buyer.  In this case my client in Corona wanted to have artificial turf in his back yard. 

This starts a debate about whether faux turf is good or not.  A debate for another post.  So anyways I ordered samples from three companies and had the samples sent to my client's address.  One company never sent samples. One company sent 3 samples that just did not look appealing.  But this third company really went all out with their branding and sample selection. 

There box is riddled with information about the company and inside were a good dozen samples of their product.  Now I won't always design with faux turf, but if I do then I know what company I would recommend. 

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