Monday, February 25, 2019


When I watercolor, I don't have any preset plans.  Rather I sift through my Instagram feed or search certain hashtags like design etc. to see what shows up.  If an image comes into my feed that catches my eye then I screen shot the image and try my best to paint it. 

In the case of last weeks watercolor, the image that showed up was of two pots on a table against a brick wall.  At first I was hesitant, because I knew that painting a brick wall would be time consuming but I was up for the challenge.

Although this is only 5X7 in size, it took a few hours to draw and paint.  It was certainly a test in patience.  Something that the universe has told me I need to exercise.  It's hard to just sit and do something for hours and not allow yourself to get distracted.  It's also hard when you know that the things you desire will manifest in your life if you are patient and willing in the meantime to work on yourself and removing your obstacles that may hinder your success. 

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