Wednesday, January 30, 2019


As you are thinking about your garden, you must also consider the hard surfaces.  If your existing hardscape is in good condition, then you would give it a good power wash and call it a day.  But if your hardscape needs to be replaced, then I would suggest (with your designer or before meeting the designer) that you go to a building materials shop and look at the different options that are available.  

The specific material that you select will depend on the style of your house, the look that you are going for and your budget.  The cheapest materials will be decomposed granite and concrete, while flagstone, pavers and tile will be the most costly.  What drives the cost is labor.  Concrete takes less time to install then flagstone, thus the cost per square feet is less.  

In some cases you may even be allowed to take a small sample home to see the products in your garden, before making a big purchase.  This is helpful as then you will be able to see what your desired choices looks like under different light conditions in your home, thus allowing you to make the right choice.  

Below is a list of 6 building materials shops.  Each of these shops have various locations across southern California.  
If you are in the market to look at hardscape, then I would suggest visiting which ever of these places that is closer to your location (always a good idea to buy local).  Go with an open mind as there are lots of options to look at.  But also make sure that you consider your current or new house color and the style of you home as this will play a role is what you select.  

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