Monday, January 21, 2019


I decided to experiment with the different greens that I have and paint some trees and shrubs.  It was meant to be a test to see the different shades of that color that I had and how it would look if I mixed them.  In some of the plants, I also added a bit of yellow and/or white to play with.  Overall I am happy with the result.  This was also a way to practice drawing plants, which is something that I am struggling with. 

Truth be told I want to have an art business that generates a decent income, but I fear that I won't be able to market and promote it as I intend to keep my landscape design business, which is my bread and butter.  Somehow I will figure it out and make it work, without burning myself out. 

I recon that is what life is all about.  Experimenting and thinking of ways to do what you love and generating income at the same time.  Sometimes it's harder that it looks and other times it's not, but it is always fun and educational. 

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