Friday, April 6, 2018


This may get me some heat but I wanted to share.  There are those that believe that using plants that are not true local natives are not considered natives and that using them is harmful to the environment.  This is a statement that I disagree with.  There are plants that are native that are hybrids and cultivars.  The purist might say that those are not native but I say that they are and most agree.  They will perform just as well.  Truth be told you can even use non native plants.  In some cases, depending on the clients lifestyle and what they are looking to achieve I might recommend using some plants like Citrus or Lavender that are clearly non native. 

When you limit yourself to only using pure plants then I believe that you are limiting your creativity.  You can still have a native garden using pure plants, mixed in with hybrids and cultivars.  So in this video I share why having a purist garden may not be ideal. 

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