Friday, March 9, 2018


You may have seen some sites or agencies offering you free designs.  Ones that you can download and use and while you may think that this is a great thing, it is actually not so great.  Whomever created those designs has never been to your house and seen first hand what your property looks like.  Nor have any of these free designs been tailored to your specific needs and site conditions.  They are generic, cookie cutter designs.  I am willing to bet that you don't want a generic, cookie cutter garden. 

The other issue is that when a contractor is bidding a design they are going off of the drawings and if those drawings are not exact to your site conditions then they will have somehow make things work.  This means that they will bid as best as they can and assume that may be extra cost based on what your site is actually like.  In the end you will end up paying more than if you would have hired a professional designer to create a garden that is customized for you.  You also need to consider this rule, that most things that are cheap in price (or free) are probably the same in quality. 

In this video I share with you the top 5 reasons why free designs are useless. 

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