Wednesday, January 24, 2018


I have two cats in my 424 square foot condo and I have close to 40 houseplants.  My youngest cat Doti (10 year old muted torti) does not care about them unless I bring home a Fern plant.  My oldest Mylo (14 year old tabby) on the other hand will sometimes bite and chew on my plants, especially when he is bored and trying to get my attention. 

Also keep in mind that a garden is similar to a science lab.  You experiment and see what works and does not work for you.  Personally, I have semi lax attitude when it comes to my cats and indoor plants.  Mostly because I have no control when I am not at home.  That being said I wanted to highlight 4 plants that I have, that my cats for the most part leave alone.

The first is Dudleya (above pictures).  I have several different varieties.  My cats don't even touch this plant.  It does not need to be watered much other than once a month (if that).  This plant is also native to California.

The second is Spider Plant.  I have t
his hanging in an area of my bedroom by the headboard and it is not just growing well but, it also has been left alone.

The third is Air Plants.  In my home I have two on the console/media table and my cats don't even bother with it.

The fourth is String Of Hearts.  I have this growing in two different pots, draping down and yet they remain untouched.

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