Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Today was treat.  Every year the California landscape contractors association has its annual landscape industry show.  A show where landscape architects, landscape designers and contractors can go to see the various products that are available on the market.  It is also a great place to network and attend some seminars. 

This year was a highlight of lighting, irrigation, artificial turf and a mixture of various other products.  It was nice to see the brands that I love to support and to get to meet other professionals. 

That being said I have to admit that attendance was not what it used to be.  This is something I have a hard time understanding.  If this is a great show to promote and grow your business then why not be there to learn and grow.  I think that educational institutions along with employers should do more to encourage their employees/students to attend such events.  Now I understand that this means having to take a day off of work, but that is worth it if it means that your employee gets to network and help build your business.  Perhaps tomorrow will be better than today.

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