Friday, September 29, 2017


There is never a wrong time to plan your garden.  If you are planning on paper then you can do it anytime of the year and in fact even if you are not ready to financially install at least you can plan and have something to look forward to.   Now if you are thinking of hiring a designer then there are things you should know and be aware of before you hire the designer.  More importantly when should you hire a designer? 

The key to hiring a designer and having a design that suits your every lifestyle is to know what you want before you hire the designer.  You can take seminars, lectures and all sorts of workshops that your city or water district may offer but that should be done before you hire a designer so that once the designer gets rolling you will both be clear on design.  This video explains. 

As always you are always welcome to share, comment and like.  Now I am curious for those of you who have hired a designer or are planning to...  What is one criteria you are using to select the right designer? 

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