Friday, September 1, 2017


I believe that changes is a good thing.  It means that you are evolving, learning and growing.  I am certainly doing that.  With that I would like to announce some changes to the YouTube channel and this blog.

First of all there will be more curated weekly content that is specific for each weak rather than haphazard.  I will also get a bit more personal and share some of my personal life related to landscape design.  My vision is to have each week be content about a specific topic to ensure some ounce of consistency.

Some of the topics I am going to play with are for each week are:

  • First Friday of the month
    • Design stories - client project update
    • Design stories - client project installations
    • Design stories - other designers/contractors installs 
  • Second Friday of the month
    • Some sort of lecture either at a nursery or elsewhere 
    • Plant videos
    • Design videos
  • Third Friday of the month
    • Product videos
    • DIY
    • Collaborations
  • Fourth Friday of the month
    • Zero waste
    • Sustainability around California
    • Biz sneak peak
    • My own garden
This is the content and the schedule for now.  I will also be sending out a newsletter once per month giving you all inclusive access and more that may not share with everyone else.  

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