Friday, August 11, 2017


I was contacted last year by a homeowner in Newport Beach who wanted to redo his front garden. He and his wife had lived in the house for many years and had decided that what was there now (lots of lawn) no longer suited their fancy and wanted a change.  They wanted to use California native plants that did not need to be watered or maintained much and use some Dymondia to create a path.

All of the brick and tile work was already existing and in really good condition so we left it alone. They also had some existing pottery that need to be redone, which they did themselves after the installation.  I am really happy and pleased with how things turned out.  It's nice to go back many months later and see the beauty of ones creation.  That has always been my biz mission.  To transform landscapes into stunning works of art.  This video gives you a tour of the garden.

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