Friday, June 9, 2017


You might be thinking that getting a bid from a designer is unnecessary.  But the truth is that design bids and contracts are a very important as they protect you from getting taken for a ride. It is also a great way for you to have on paper exactly what the designer is going to do for you.  This means several things...  First the price tag that the designer has listed in the contract is exactly what you are going to pay and not a cent more.  Second, this makes the designer obligated to perform the tasks that they said they would.  Lastly it ensures that you are genuinely interested in working with this designer and not just trying to get a free design.  Truth be told us designer do designs not only as our passion but also as our primary source of income. As much as we love doing designs, we also love being able to pay our bills and eat a well balanced meal. This video explains all you need to know about design bids.

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