Friday, May 26, 2017


Sometimes it's nice to have a little area of grass.  If there are dogs or little ones that are going to actively use it then why not.  But if you know that it will never get used then why not chuck it and get some free cash for doing so.  This is where rebates come in to play.  If your water district is offering them then I would highly recommend you take advantage.  But there are some rules to follow before you can just get the cash.

Now what if you have an HOA?  Do you need to submit drawings and what is the process like.?  In this video (part 2) you will learn about both rebates and agency restrictions.   

This continues the 8 week video series about the design process.  At the end of the 8 weeks there will be a special offer to those who watched the video series to get my landscape design checklist kit for only $2.  It's a win win for you and your budget.   Because hiring the right designer is key to getting that drought tolerant landscape that suits your every life style and won't dent your wallet. 

You can watch the other design process videos here:

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