Friday, February 10, 2017


When I first move into  my new 424 square foot condo a year ago I thought that having an indoor garden would not be possible.  First off I have two cats what will chew on everything and secondly would I even have enough space.  Then one day I came across this video of Summer Rayne Oakes, a Brooklyn resident who has over 500 plants in her apartment.  This just blew me away.   If she can have that many plants that are thriving then why can't I.  I am suppose to be the professional landscape designer that helps others with their garden but have none of my own to speak of.

So I decided to try with a few.  That is what gardening is anyways right?  A science lab where you get to play, experiment and try various things.  In my case some plants are doing really well and other bit the dust.  Failure must happen in order to succeed.  Right?  The other benefit of this experiment is that you are bringing plants into your home that are good for the indoor air quality.  Now I don't intend to have as many as Summer does but enough anyways.  This video made by Barcroft TV shows her apartment and all her plants.

I am curious if you have every experimented with indoor gardening.  If so then comment below and let me know.  Do you have 500 + plants indoors?

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